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Cesar Sayoc arrested in U. Screenshot of a tweet, liked by Donald Trump Jr. Folks, deleted a few tweets not all related to this ongoing craziness. Story continues below Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh also entertained the false flag theory on his show on Wednesday. Cory Booker and former national intelligence director James Clapper were added to the list of people sent pipe bombs and suspicious packages, which includes former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, former vice-president Joe Biden, Democrat-supporting actor Robert De Niro and billionaire philanthropist George Soros, among others. Bomb squad called in to retrieve suspicious package addressed to James Clapper On Friday, authorities revealed that they had arrested year-old Cesar Sayoc, a registered Republican, in connection with the pipe bombs. Still, many Trump supporters remained unconvinced. Why does it look brand new?

That Time Buzz Aldrin Punched A Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist In The Face

Comments Conspiracy theories and the people who disseminate them are no longer on the fringe. Quite a few, huh? There was once a time where it was expected that the average person with a room-temperature IQ could at least process information like a thinking adult, not an impressionable child looking to titillate themselves with spooky things. What they offer are mind-numbing interpretations of video clips that show nothing.

To outsiders, the awakened are known as conspiracy theorists or truthers, and are often depicted as crackpots living in bunkers wearing tin-foil hats (the image of which Awake Dating subverts in.

First edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Since at least the Middle Ages, antisemitism has featured elements of conspiracy theory. In medieval Europe it was widely believed that Jews poisoned wells, had been responsible for the death of Jesus , and ritually consumed the blood of Christians. Forged evidence has been presented to spread the notion that Jews were responsible for the propagation of Communism , the most notorious example being The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Antisemitic theories persist today in notions concerning banking, [65] Hollywood, the news media and a purported Zionist Occupation Government.

Anti-Armenianism and Denial of the Armenian Genocide Conspiracy theories which allege that the Armenians wield secret political power are prevalent in Azerbaijan , [74] and have been promoted by President Ilham Aliyev. Political accusations against the Baha’i Faith Iran ‘s Baha’i minority has been the target of conspiracy theories alleging involvement with hostile powers. Vatican conspiracy theories , Jesuit conspiracy theories , and Controversies about Opus Dei Anti-Catholic cartoon depicting Catholicism as an octopus, from H.

Fowler and Jeremiah J. Conspiracy theories have taken many forms, including the 17th-century Popish Plot allegations, [87] claims by persons such as William Blackstone that Catholics posed a secret threat to Britain, and numerous writings by authors such as Rebecca Reed , Avro Manhattan , Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera. Theorists often claim that the pope is the Antichrist , or they accuse Catholics of suppressing evidence incompatible with Church teachings and engaging in secret evil rituals, crimes and other plots.

Fears of a Catholic takeover of the US have been especially persistent, [88] [89] prompted by phenomena such as Catholic immigration in the 19th century, [90] and Ku Klux Klan propaganda. The timing of his death and the Vatican’s alleged difficulties with ceremonial and legal death procedures has fostered several conspiracy theories. The elderly Pope Benedict XVI ‘s resignation in February , for given reasons of a “lack of strength of mind and body”, [97] prompted theories in Italian publications such as La Repubblica and Panorama that he resigned in order to avoid an alleged scandal involving an underground gay Catholic network.

Moon landing conspiracy theories are as old as the Apollo 11 mission itself

But something was missing. If this is your problem, maybe Awake Dating is for you. To outsiders, the awakened are known as conspiracy theorists or truthers, and are often depicted as crackpots living in bunkers wearing tin-foil hats the image of which Awake Dating subverts in its own YouTube ad. And on Awake Dating, where truthers and theorists can be their true selves, maybe they have a better shot at finding love than the rest of us.

Whatever the case, the specifics of awakeness are different to every individual, which is why Awake Dating attracts people of so many backgrounds.

Apr 10,  · Conspiracy Theories Posted: 4/2/ AM: A couple updates for those that care. Google has come forward and says they are going to stop collecting info. from OUR searches. Google has been illegally doing this from the start, so I for one do not believe that they will stop. I .

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Conspiracy theorists who predicted the world would end last month have made another series of bizarre claims – this time involving the moon. Refusing to give up on his apocalyptic predictions, Matt Rogers – who has already made unfounded claims about a mysterious and non-existent Planet X – believes that life of Earth could still be wiped out in the near future. Planet X, or Nibiru, as it is also known, was set to trigger a series of earthquakes last month that would end our world as we know it.

Of course, this conspiracy theory fell flat when, on November 19, the world didn’t actually end. But Matt has an explanation. He believes that world leaders are trying to cover up the truth about Planet X, in a bid to avoid mass panic. Is the moon part of a bigger cover-up?

Why is George Soros the victim of conspiracy theorists

Trump is only telling the truth about MS The Kremlin knows a bargain when it sees one. A little more than half was spent after last November, when, obviously, Donald Trump had already won. The scale here is singularly unimpressive. In a presidential campaign, the amount is a rounding error. If tens of thousands of dollars was decisive amid this tsunami of tens of millions, the Russian trolls working somewhere in St.

Why Join Conspiracy date We have many people, like you, that are intrigued by the real story. They do not believe what the goverment spin is and demand to know what really happened.

Conspiracy theorist synonyms, conspiracy theorist antonyms. Information about conspiracy theorist in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit Aug 15, A round-up of the best conspiracy theories.

According to the theory, proposed by a number of sites, including humansarefree. Hijacked by terrorists and landed somewhere, to be used as a weapon at a later date For the calendar date, see July 7. Locations of the bombings on a Central London tube map. There have been various conspiracy theories proposed about the bombings, including the suggestion that the bombers were patsies, based Are Conspiracy Theories a Deal Breaker. Do you have some kind of rule about conspiracy theories and dating.

Even if you believe in some Dec 27, Chief among the leftist conspiracy theories are that the BushCheney. The one who used to talk shows and dating shows in Mexico, offers up the. Otherwise I would not have found this site, nor perhaps would others Mar 23,

Conspiracy Theorists Believe Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have Been Together for Years

Tuesday, January 22, Watergate and Iran-Contra: Two conspiracies that help disprove conspiracies theories Watergate and Iran-Contra. They were perhaps two of the biggest conspiracies to come out of the later half of the 20th century, and because they are so well known many conspiracy theorists often times cite these two proven conspiracies in an attempt to prove that the government conspiracy theories that they believe in are real, or at the very least show that the government is capable of covering up a conspiracy.

If anything, it proves the exact opposite, because of: These two conspiracies have been proven in courts of law.

May 25,  · Conspiracy Theorists Meet on New Dating Website “Awake Dating,” geared toward people who believe the world is controlled by secret organizations, went live in April

Being awake is being knowledgeable about a number of empirical and observational truths not commonly known nor accepted by the majority of the populace. This much-maligned lifestyle choice generally leaves so-called conspiracy theorists pushed to the margins of social interactions. Jordan, who has only encountered a tiny cross-section of women offline, added: I can only speak for myself… People want to live in la la land. Folk hate the truth. Most women I know want to speak of cute cats in sweater or Kim K.

One woman — with arguably less extreme interests than Moreland — broached the unconventional narrative of her own beliefs on a mainstream dating site and was met with familiar accusations.

Conspiracy theorists share certain traits, scientists find

Why with all the hours spent researching theories that are often viewed by the mainstream as improbable, contradictory or just plain nutty, it can be tough finding a like-minded partner to wax poetic on chemtrails, our hollow planet and the Illuminati together. Awake Dating What does it mean to be ‘awake’? Well, first off, do not confuse it with ‘woke. And through this research and critical thinking, [he] has ‘woken’ from the fantastic false dream carefully crafted for the ‘consumer.

A dating website for conspiracy theorists has surfaced and it’s called Awake Dating.

This is particularly noticeable with conspiracy theories. Neither as fresh as current wild speculations nor as settled as historical conspiratorial lore, they have an odd edge about them, like swishing old wine in your mouth and trying to figure out whether or not it has turned to vinegar. The official story is that the ship was attacked when a small boat pretended to help the Cole to moor then exploded an onboard bomb.

Instead of an explosive-laden boat, he claims, the ship was attacked by a Dolphin-class missile launched from an Israeli submarine. The main motivation behind the attack, he claims, was to push public opinion against both Al-Qaeda and the Democrats in the lead-up to the election. He also makes a coy occult allusion to the date of the attack, which happened on the birthday of Aleister Crowley. The Israel attack theory loses some credence because Osama bin Laden read a poem praising the attack broadcast on Al Jazeera and then sang about it in a later video.

Over the course of investigations, Yemeni citizens would be arrested in connection with the bombing, and the Sudanese government ordered to pay compensation for their facilitation of the attack. One conspiracy theorist saw that as too much of a coincidence and has suggested that NASA and the US government knew there was going to be a disaster with Columbia, which would put the global aerospace industry into jeopardy.

Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists

But it’s not going to be a Wag the Dog situation where, say, they just hire somebody to go on camera and pretend to be a witness to atrocities that must be stopped dammit! After all, how could you hope to get away with something like that? The last really popular war America fought was Desert Storm in the early ’90s, when the Iraqi military, led by Saddam Hussein’s powerful mustache, invaded the sovereign nation of Kuwait.

This was based on accusations that Kuwait was drinking Iraq’s milkshake at the Rumaila oil field, so to speak, and certain U. Now, it was far from a foregone conclusion that America should intervene most Americans had never even heard of Kuwait, instead always hearing that Iraq’s bitter enemy Iran was the bad guy over there. Opinions varied widely on the matter right up until the testimony of a young Kuwaiti girl set off a domino effect of “Saddam is the New Hitler” sentiment.

UNILAD investigates the world of Awake Dating, a website that helps so-called conspiracy theorists find love.

Odd, no doubt, but far from unheard of. There were a flurry of videos posted online of people trying to melt the snow, only to have it turn black and give off what they claimed was an unnatural odour. JossDude , public domain Conspiracy theorists loved it. The poison snow was soon debunked by meteorologists across the country, who pointed out that people were trying to melt the snow by applying the flame directly to it. And the chemical smell? They claim that he — along with themselves — were chrononauts in the employment of DARPA while they were in college.

They were to make their presence known, to be non-threatening, and to basically establish contact. They were all sworn to secrecy, of course, so we now know who not to trust with a secret. Needless to say, the White House officially denies that President Obama was part of any such program or that he ever went to Mars during his formative years.

Image Editor , cc- 4. Osiris, depicted in ancient mythology as a green-skinned man dressed as a pharaoh, is among the most powerful of all Egyptian gods along with Ra, his father. According to conspiracy theorists, CERN is trying to change that. Brooklyn Museum , public domain; A. Parrot , cc- 4.

Moon landing hoax

Paul McCartney before his supposed death in Paul McCartney, literally still living and breathing Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The long-running conspiracy theories about the ‘real’ Paul McCartney dying in and being replaced by a look-alike have returned, thanks to a new Ringo Starr ‘interview’.

A number of websites recently claimed that Ringo had given an exclusive interview in which he revealed Macca did in fact die in in a car accident, to be replaced by look-alike Billy Shears. Fear not, Beatles fans! The original interview quotes are from a satirical news website, Macca is still very much alive unless you know something, we don’t. But here are the seven signs conspiracy theorists use to try and prove that he did die in

After the jump, we hear from “Dating a Conspiracy Theorist,” who was, as her name suggests, dating a conspiracy theorist. “I would love to hear from you or the readers if anyone has had any experience dating a conspiracy theorist, and whether or not this obsession is only a phase or if will become a lifelong thing,” she wrote.

Mr Rogers suggests that the chemicals are being used to hide Nibiru. And now that his theory has fallen flat, Mr Rogers has come up with an explanation. In a new video, titled ‘Our skies are being sprayed to cover up the truth’, Mr Rogers shows several images of the moon and sun taken around the world. He suggests that world leaders are spraying the skies with chemicals to hide the sun and moon, and ultimately prevent us from seeing Nibiru.

They’re also doing it at night time to hide the stars. I feel ill almost every day. It’s hard to understand how our military would do something like this, but they are. I have emailed our president asking him to tell us the truth, we the voters who put you in office, but hope the rest of you will do the same. Nibiru, sometimes referred to as Planet X, is a hypothesised planet on the edge of the solar system that orbits the sun every 3, years.

Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists