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WIPO provides intensive, hands-on training to indigenous peoples and local communities on how to safeguard their music, performances, art, designs and other traditional cultural expressions TCEs. The aims of the program are to assist communities to create intellectual property IP rights in their cultural heritage in the form of digital photographs, audiovisual material, sound recordings and databases , exercise control and make informed decisions on access and use by third parties. It also offers the potential for communities to draw income from the commercialization of their cultural assets, if they so wish and in a way that corresponds to their values. Examples of codes, guides, policies, protocols and standard agreements relating to the recording, digitization and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage, with an emphasis on intellectual property issues. Visit Us Contact Us. WIPO Swipe is an online tool to match feels of specific intellectual property IP -gasping development needs with potential providers offering adults. WIPO acts as a believer of cooperation and publicizes successful matches. Seekers must come from dating countries, countries in history, or least developed weeks.

WIPO Vacancy: Data Analysis Assistant, Geneva, Switzerland

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Development Agenda is a Member States-driven process which seeks to place the “development dimension” at the .

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Development Agenda for WIPO

We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Close Me United States: Here are five key IP considerations to be aware of when retaining a contractor to develop software for your company. Get Ownership Right Companies can benefit from owning the IP rights in developed software; IP owners can use, commercialize, and modify the software free of the scope restrictions and termination risks often associated with license agreements.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT MATCHMAKING DATABASE (IP-DMD) WIPO MATCH (New Brand Name) Background: •WIPO Member States agreed to establish an Intellectual Property (IP) Match – Making Database as part of WIPO Development Agenda ().

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WIPO’s new Match platform aims to amplify the impact of such efforts by helping connect specific needs with available resources. Come learn about the WIPO Match Silicon Valley But parts of the developing world lack the infrastructure, resources, or expertise to unlock the .

WIPO Green is a technology marketplace, and its key objectives are the accelerated adaptation, adoption and deployment of green technologies. Enables owners of proprietary and non proprietary technologies to make selected technologies and solutions available as packages on a database, including related knowhow, services and materials. It also facilitates the matching of specific user-formulated needs with technology providers. Provides additional services, including training, consulting, tailor-made dispute resolution and assistance in getting financial support from third parties.

Serves as a hub connecting various critical partners, facilitating policy dialogue and networking. What have we done so far? Work so far has focused on the concept, the involvement of key partners and the development of the database element. The project has entered into its pilot phase, which means that the database component is ready for users to enter requests and for providers to upload technologies.

Further work will focus on developing the supporting services and the partnership hub. How can you participate? Use the services, i. We are ready to send formal invitations to use the database by our Director General to your CEO or any other appropriate person, should you consider this to be helpful. In the framework of the development of the supporting services, we are planning to include selected case studies. We invite you to share your experiences with other users.

Other Specialized Dispute Resolution Services

Pat-INFORMED will clearly link public patent information to registered medicines in a new online global gateway, helping health professionals to navigate the medicine-procurement process for the benefit of their citizens. Twenty leading global research-based biopharmaceutical companies have already committed to make information available via a database to be established by Pat-INFORMED, with more organizations expected to join.

By adding the information on the global patent status from patent-holding companies to that from national patent offices, the process for procurement agencies and others to determine the scope of patent protection for medicines will be markedly improved. While patent information is publicly available around the world, resources that directly link granted patents to marketed medicines are currently only available publicly in certain countries e.

Pat-INFORMED also offers qualified procurement agencies a communication channel for follow-on inquiries, through which participating companies have agreed to provide more detailed information about granted patents on specific products. The online initiative is expected to be operational by mid and will provide patent information for small molecule products within oncology; hepatitis C, cardiovascular, HIV, diabetes, and respiratory therapy areas; and any products on the WHO Essential Medicines List that are not within these therapy areas.

Dr. Carolyn Deere Birkbeck writes: At this week’s Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP), WIPO Member States continue to debate next steps on the unprecedented External Review of WIPO’s assistance to developing countries. With a new Deputy Director General for the WIPO’s Development Sector due to start work this December, the prospect of new leadership also marks.

Five input pillars capture elements of the national economy that enable innovative activities: Two output pillars capture actual evidence of innovation outputs: Each pillar is divided into sub-pillars and each sub-pillar is composed of individual indicators 81 in total in Sub-pillar scores are calculated as the weighted average of individual indicators; pillar scores are calculated as the weighted average of sub-pillar scores.

Four measures are then calculated: For more on the latest updates to the framework, see Annex 2 of the GII The Advisory Board is a select group of leading international practitioners and experts with unique knowledge and skills in the realm of innovation. Its members, while coming from diverse geographical and institutional backgrounds international organizations, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, business, and academia , participate in their personal capacity.

We are grateful for the time and support provided by the Advisory Board members.


It is also a gateway to a range of useful services. Its members partners and users include: This provides participants with the unique opportunity to directly make targeted matches in a face-to-face setting. Each matchmaking project consists of field visits by selected expert consultants who interact with key local stakeholders in order to gain a clear understanding of the technological needs on the ground. These needs are then analysed and matched with potential technological solutions — forming the basis for a matchmaking event bringing together selected stakeholders, seekers, potential providers of solutions, the finance community, and other experts.

Read the full project report.

1 Report 10th Session – Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) WIPO, Geneva, November 12 to 16, The Chairman, Ambassador Mohamed Siad DOUALEH, Permanent Representative of.

It matches developing country inventors and small businesses with limited financial means with patent attorneys, who provide pro bono legal assistance to secure patent protection. Does the Program provide direct financial assistance to inventors? No direct financial assistance is provided. For information on any type of assistance or support related to out of pocket costs e. WIPO is an international intergovernmental organization which promotes cooperation among its member states to protect intellectual property worldwide and is therefore not entitled to advise private parties.

The role of WIPO in this case is to facilitate the matchmaking of inventors with limited financial means and pro bono patent attorneys. Still have questions about the Inventor Assistance Program? Read our full list of FAQs. IP experts talk about pro bono activities and the IAP. Get involved Inventors and attorneys resident in a participating country are invited to apply to the Inventor Assistance Program. IAP Flyer WIPO has developed a dedicated online course to help first-time inventors decide whether their invention fulfills patentability requirements.

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