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See also a membrane carburetor overview , Buyers guide for Walbro Carbs and Rebuild Kits Please visit the original source of this information here: The most relevant parts have been included here in case the original gets relocated. Some basic terms see diagrams. The lowend needle refers to the one that trims idle mixture mostly and affects mid-range mixture somewhat. The highend needle trims mixture at mid-range through full power. Choke or prime the motor until the carb is wet. Start the engine and let it warm up. Let’s set the topend first since it’s the easier of the two. Go to full throttle. Adjust the topend needle for peak RPM.

Stihl MS: // Series

September 05, , Anyway, recently it stopped running properly. The warrantee period is over, but they never covered anything during the warrantee period anyway It will start on choke but then just run 20 beats or so and die, I can sometimes get it to rev up and stay revved up but as soon as I take my finger off the throttle it dies. Its like its starved for gas.

A simple metal hook will come in very handy for fishing out old fuel line, new fuel line or debris still in the tank. We use one that we fashioned from an old metal coat hanger. Sometimes you just have to .

Ms new spark plug, cleaned fillers, and fresh gas. I thought the chain may have been binding so I took off the blade and it does the same thing. Thanks why is my chain not getting oil zackk check your impulse line comming from the back of the block to the gas tank. Leah Miller I have a stihl ms c chainsaw that when I pull the starter string the wheel attached to the engine just spins, but the pull string still winds up.

A local repair shop said it might be the primary or secondary starter spring. How would I replace this on my own? KJG av Have av

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Nav Menu 7 Nav Menu 8 You are here: The Poulan P fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly or when a tune up is performed to ensure top performance when cutting. Also, over time, the Poulan P fuel line will deteriorate from ethanol, dry rot, and from exposure to gasoline itself. When the fuel line is cracked, broken, or develops pin holes, it will need to be replaced.

Our aftermarket suitable replacement Poulan P chainsaw fuel filters and fuel line meet or beat OEM specs, offer a considerable cost savings, and usually ship in 24 – 48 hours. The Poulan P fuel filter is designed to filter all fuel fed into the carburetor.

Aug 19,  · How do you “tune up” a hard-to-start Craftsman 18″ chainsaw Showing of messages. How do you “tune up” a hard-to-start Craftsman 18″ chainsaw: The thinner fuel line starts at the filter in the gas tank and goes to You hook an air hose to the spark plug hole, feed it with a steady supply of compressed air.

How to Repair the Fuel Line on a McCulloch Chain Saw Eric Blankenburg Updated February 21, Whether you left gas in the tank over winter or it’s just a few years old, one of the most common problems for a McCulloch chain saw is a bad or broken fuel line. Bad gas builds up a gummy layer inside the tube and this actually blocks the proper amount of fuel from flowing into the carburettor.

The fuel line can break when it becomes hardened and brittle after several years of operation. Then, when you bump or jar the chainsaw a small hole can rip into the plastic tubing. Get rid of any gas still left in the tank by pouring it out into an approved fuel container. Rinse the inside of the tank if it’s dirty with a little bit of clean gasoline. Put the cover back on; shake it around and pour it back out into the fuel container.


Manufacturer Redmax parts are our specialty. Redmax blower parts are available at Redmax dealers. We are one of the largest Redmax dealers in the USA. If you need a Redmax filter we have it. We offer Redmax trimmer parts, Redmax blower parts, Redmax carburetors, Redmax spark plugs, and parts for Redmax edgers. Redmax Snowblower parts include Redmax throttle cables.

May 30,  · The fuel line goes soft with constant exposure to gas and oil. For less than $2 you can purchase a new fuel line, from most small engine repair shops.

Did this video help you? Couldn’t have done it without you. Where do you look for oil leak if you are leaking James Bramblett: Thankyou for a very nicely done and helpful video. I broke that lil clip that the idea control goes in Thank you for your great video! I was working on a???? I really like these saws This little guy cuts great! My buddy calls them cheap junk I don’t think the price of an item item makes it junk if it’s a low price I think it’s a really good deal


I’m not a mechanic, so take my comments at face value. I did grow up owning and working on quads, dirt bikes and outboard motors. In my experience it is true that a new line will fit snug and last quite some time.

Walbro carburetor fuel line routing moreover mower carburetor for poulan chainsaw walbro wt in addition bg55 stihl leaf blower parts diagram in addition walbro wt carburetor fuel line diagrams as well as ryobi r together with walbro in addition adjusting a fixed jet carburettor along with stihl chainsaw engine diagram as well as poulan pro chainsaw carb diagram.

Safety Equipment Safety equipment 6 Safety equipment 6. Loosen the bar nut and remove the clutch cover, chain and bar see figure 1. Fig 1 Carefully tighten the clutch housing in a vice. Release the brake by using the saw’s front hand guard A as a tool. Chain Brake – Reassembly Safety equipment 6. Locate the elbow joint and connected brake band in their recesses in the clutch cover.

Lubricate the recess for the spring with grease see figure 6. Silencer – Removal Safety equipment Operating test: The engine must not be running during the test. The height of the guide bar above the surface is given in the table above. Chain Catcher – Replacement Safety equipment 6. Release the brake by pushing the kickback guard backwards. Undo the guide bar bolts and remove the clutch cover, chain and guide bar. Remove the chain catcher and replace it with a new one.

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Did this video help you? Una mierda de demostracion. I was looking at the guys using coat hanger.

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Wondering how to fix a chainsaw and the chainsaw to start? Watch our how to fix a chainsaw video and you will be on your way. Chainsaw repair is not hard, and if you’re ready to go out in the yard and cut down some trees, your chainsaw has probably been sitting in the shop all winter. Follow these simple chainsaw tune up steps, and you will have your chainsaw running in a few minutes.

We have to talk about chainsaw safety here as well. Chainsaws are the most dangerous tool a homeowner can own without a license. I have a few friends with scars from using chainsaws improperly. Chainsaw chaps, a helmet, face shield, eye protection, steel toed boots are all mush-haves for safety. Sharp chainsaw chains is key in cutting up trees and cutting firewood, you can sharpen your own chainsaw chains, but I suggest you have them done at your local small engine repair shop, they have the right equipment to set the correct cutting angle, a hand file can’t do that.

There’s more tree felling in my future, we have a few white pines on our property that need to come down, lest they come down on our house or garage, one of them is already splitting down the trunk, so we need to deal with that one soon.

Older craftsman chainsaw fuel line keeps popping off

Perform chainsaw maintenance at your own risk. Parts and tools needed: The is used on the Stihl , and The fuel pick-ups vary by model and appear to be somewhat interchangable. This is for an MS

Stihl Chainsaw Troubleshooting Guide Try to start with fresh gas mix. If it doesn’t start check and replace fuel line and pick-up. If it still doesn’t start remove carburetor and check manifold boot (tube between carburetor and engine). Where does the kill switch wire hook to I accidentally pulled mine off ms len walker. I have.

Husqvarna Chainsaw ServiceRepair Manuals! Husqvarna Chainsaw ServiceRepair Manuals Need some help with a Husqvarna chainsaw fuel lines for obstruction and then carb internal fuel circuits via I have a husqvarna Replacement part suitable for Husqvarna models , , Spara tid och pengar med Kelkoo. Shop our large assortment of outdoor equipment by Husqvarna at Lowe’s.

Find lawn mowers, chainsaws, pressure washers, snow blowers and more. Alot of the vents have a white stone appearance cover that is on the out side of the vent, if you use a wood screw and screw it into the white part then pull on it. To Find your next Weedeater or Weedeater parts visit our Weedeater store. Fuel Gas Filter Husqvarna.

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